GLOBAL ACCESS – Martine Dubin Company has built out its own digital distribution network over the last decade and is on the forefront of linear television as well as on-demand distribution on the digital and mobile networks.

HEALTHWIRE.FM is the digital broadcast network that connects your body, mind & spirit with exercises for your whole being. With HEALTHWIRE.FM you can practice anytime & anywhere in the world!

NEWSWIRE.FM is the digital broadcast network that connects the world with the most exciting newsmakers around health & wellness, business & trade, love & relationships, imagination & creativity, science & consciousness. So you can watch inspiring conversations anytime & anywhere in the world.

With HEALTHWIRE.FM and NEWSWIRE.FM our shows are continuously available on all continents and time-zones, basically anywhere our viewers want us to be. We also continue to expand by collaborating with strategic media partners, which currently include:,, SiriusXM, Huffington Post, Sonifi, Cleveland Clinic.

Global Audience

GLOBAL AUDIENCE – Due to the global availability of our content, NEWSWIRE.FM and HEALTHWIRE.FM connect daily with an international audience reaching 200+ countries worldwide. Latest statistics now show our top 10 countries include: 1. USA 2. Canada 3. UK 4. Mexico 5. India 6. Netherlands 7. Germany 8. Spain 9 France 10. Brazil.

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